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Human Type of Crisis 1: The Indebted

“suppose that we are happy” Albert Camus – 1942 Negri and Hardt, quite successfully, have identified four types of people created by the neo-liberal economic crisis. The first type is the Indebted. It is the man who has a lot…


The Torch Has Been Passed

In all through those years since the late 1960’s the United States has evolved into a nation that ceased to learn from the lessons of the past as to what made America such a the great nation. This was the…


Thwarted Again?

It is quite apparent that the DNC as well as the most of our political leaders continues to be oblivious to the real crisis facing America today. Not only are they noncommittal to the mounting inequality but are intent in…


More’s Utopia

Thomas More (1477 – 1535) published the very first formal utopia. He imagined a complicated, self contained earth established on an island, in which communities shared a typical culture and way of living. More ‘s Utopian society is actually communal….

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Human Trafficking

There are some things in life that we just don’t want to know or talk about but burying our heads in the sand doesn’t solve the issues. In fact, ignoring difficult situations just allows them to grow and our inaction…


Faithful Workers in the House

Moses was a good servant. He did what God told him to do. Yes, sometimes he lost the plot a bit, but he served God with all that was in him. He left his life as shepherd the day he…

Eco Innovations

Mobile Car Wash Business – Ancillary Cleaning Opportunities in Solar Panels

Many years the prior, I was running a mobile car wash nationwide franchising operation. One of our franchisees found something else to wash besides cars. He was washing solar panels. Why you ask? It’s simple, because clean solar panels are…


Interview With Bro. Martin Francisco – Unsung Hero of Indigenous People

With the Amazon rainforest raging fire scenario– and other forest fires happening almost “in great symphony” in Spain, France, Turkey and Indonesia, Mother Earth is now in painful limp due to environmental toxicity and all. Amid this greed-related reality, am…


What to Know About the Barometer

A barometer is one of the devices that are important for use in meteorology. It is used in the measurement of the atmospheric pressure. The observation of the air pressure tendencies can be important in the forecast of the weather…

News and Society

Voting: Addressing Conspiracies, Versus, Guaranteeing RIghts?: 5 Considerations

Although, one has the right, to support, follow, and vote for, the candidate, he desires, he doesn’t have the right, to declare, the results of any election, to be invalid, simply, because, his favorite, didn’t win! In my life, I…


Nigerian People: Arise and Revolt

I will start by addressing us on a platform that we are products of mental conditioning. According to Sam Adeyemi, 2006, he said “We may have underestimated the impact of our being colonized in this part of the world but…


The Butterfly Effect in Southwestern Ontario

Late summer is Southwestern Ontario was absolutely dry and hot weather wise. The last few weeks of August and the beginning of September were filled with butterflies. All kinds of butterflies. Big ones, little ones, colourful ones, species I’ve never…


How to Feed 10 Billion People in 2050

There have been many questions on the mind of many leaders in government, science and the development community today to feed the world in 2050, some actions and steps needs to be taken. Actions to strengthening agriculture, particularly in developing…


Enjoy Your Rest

When I was working on the farm, I struggled to get up in the morning. I wanted to spend time with the Lord, but eish, it was so good to snuggle in bed. One morning when I got up, I…