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Year: 2021


Through Grace

The Believer’s life is not developed by adopting a new way of living, but rather by a stepping away from the “pre-salvation” experience. So many times we try to incorporate our new creation into the framework of our old created…


Abortion or Murder? A Poignant Issue for Analysis and Resolution by the American Electorate

A poignant thought, or, perhaps, call it a critical issue, crossed my mind recently regarding law, morality, and justice as applied for human beings who essentially have no voice in determining their right to live and survive being murdered. This…

News and Society

What’s Going On in the United States?

A few years ago I had the thrill of visiting Washington, D.C. A “Hop-on-hop off” tram took me around the city while the driver served as tour guide. What a thrill to see the places that I had only viewed…


More Jobs Added, But Unemployment Goes Up? Welcome to Our New Reality

The U.S. economy added 213,000 jobs in June, more than the 195,000 expected. Job numbers for May were revised up to 244,000 from 223,00. How is it then that unemployment jumped from 3.8% to 4.0%? Welcome to the new reality…

Eco Innovations

Compostable Plastic Bags Are the Future

Over one million plastic bags are used every minute in the United States. This means that each person consumes 22 thousand bags over the course of their lifetime. Although recycling has grown over the past several decades, only 13% of…


How Vacuum Trucks Services Provided?

Environment management services provide various services which include vacuum enhanced recovery of product transfers, support for various industrial service, and, dewatering, emergency response and storage tank management needs. Environment clean companies who owns and operates and provide services as a…

News and Society

5 Needed Priorities For Today’s Public Leaders!

We used – to believe, apathy, was one of the main obstacles, to electing the finest public leaders! This nation, which, often, proudly, stated, it was the beacon, in the world, in terms of our democratic principles, and freedoms/ liberties,…


Friedrich Ebert

Friedrich Ebert played an extremely important role in the story of German democracy. As the first ever democratically elected president of Germany, and also as the leader of the Social Democratic campaign, he made seminal efforts in getting about the…