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All About Loss

They say all good things must end someday and Autumn leaves must fall and it hurt me so to have always said goodbye. In my life time I have suffered much loss. The tragedies of a lifetime have reminded me that life is all about loss. It is how we handle the moments that have triggered the many losses that one has endured is the basis upon which we gain strength or have succumbed to inner turmoil that tears one apart from the inside out.

The losses that have occurred in different stages of my life have had a profound effect on how I managed to gain the inner strength to carry on. When I was fresh out of school my parents sent me adrift into the sea of life just because I fell in love with a young beautiful African American women. My parents couldn’t and wouldn’t accept an interracial relationship. So in 1972 I left home never to see or speak to my parents ever again. That loss was the first test of how I gained strength to endure. And it was that women who became the mother of two beautiful children who are now grown and have gone their separate ways.

10 years latter the love we shared came to a tragic end. The financial strain of losing not just one job but two especially my gymnastic school was too much to handle. As if a domino affect took hold of my life as in each passing decade other losses more heartbreaking than the last has had a profound effect on the way I have lived. When I lost Anna that gut wrenching period of my life was almost too much to bear. How I dealt with that loss was a mixed bag of personal characteristic changes. Some good and some that turned out not so good,

The many losses in life and how you deal with each one shapes a person in so many ways. It is in memory though that keeps alive the good as well as the turbulent times. But, it is this most recent loss that was a direct result of a court system and government that has become too corrupt. The corruption which has ruined so many lives and livelihoods.

After years living in a house we called home only to have it taken away by a Judicial system’s disregard for our very own Constitutional rights all predicated solely for financial gain is the ultimate travesty that is all too familiar all across the country. A betrayal by a court system that is supposed to carry out justice only to find out justice was not served. Far too many have fallen victim to predatory practices of Judges, Lawyers, Real Estate Developers and financial institutions. It is a very sad commentary to have to say where there should be justice there is none.

Through manipulation of fraudulent practices, Judicial bias and arrogance by the court that dismiss pleadings when people represent themselves have time again foreclosed on homes and sold them right from under the original homeowners is one of the saddest losses one faces. A loss that in too many cases shouldn’t have occurred at all. Yet, the epidemic of mortgage foreclosures is only getting worse.

It is that loss of a house we called home will forever be engrained in conscious thought for the rest of my life. The trauma of what we experienced knowing that the whole foreclosure action by the financial institutions and the court was an illegal effort to take our home and, yet the court just steamrolled the whole process ignoring all our efforts to save our home. One has to wonder how others fair after they have endured one of the most tragic experiences of a lifetime. An experience that is playing out in every city all across this nation. For us we were stripped of our security, our financial stability, our integrity and our dignity all because of a court system that has become too corrupt. A complete disregard for due process.