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Thwarted Again?

It is quite apparent that the DNC as well as the most of our political leaders continues to be oblivious to the real crisis facing America today. Not only are they noncommittal to the mounting inequality but are intent in duplicating the travesty of the last Presidential Primary. Need we remind everyone of what happened in New York, Puerto Rico and in so many other states where the DNC purposely committed voter fraud in denying Senator Sanders bid for the nomination.

With the latest move by the DNC in their recent rule change which is aimed primarily at Senator Sanders should he again seek the Democratic nomination in 2020 signals that the establishment in the Democratic party are afraid that Senator Sanders could very well secure that nomination. This country needs a progressive President to lead this country back into prominence. But, the DNC remains adamant and will continue to break the rule of law to deny any chance that Senator Sanders has to secure the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2020.

One has to wonder what are the political big wigs of the DNC afraid of? Is it because he is Jewish! One should recall when Senator John Kennedy sought the Democratic nomination in 1960. The Democratic Party as well as many Republicans were aghast that a Catholic would become President. But, by popular vote Kennedy won the Democratic nomination and the Presidency. In 1964 the Democratic party went out of their way in sabotaging Barry Goldwater’s chance to win the 1964 Presidential election.

Some have to wonder what our country would be like today if Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King lived? We may conjure up conspiracy theories but, the facts remain that both the DNC and the Republicans have had their hands in the way things are today. One important fact remains with our political process is that it is money oriented to the point of corruption. In 2016 Clinton raised millions of dollars for the DNC. When that amount of money flows to any political party the greater the chance of corruption, which is exactly what occurred. Will 2020 be a repeat? By all indications from the DNC and the Republicans things will only get worse.

When you have two political parties vying for and garnishing millions of dollars of campaign contributions from corporate sponsors and the mega rich which unfortunately turns into votes there is always fraud, corruption, and subversion of the public’s will. Now, if there is enough of a popular movement nationally in support of a progressive candidate whether it is Bernie Sanders or someone else who is not beholden to corporate or huge donor contributors we just may have a chance to turn this country around after the torturous four years of Trump and the Republicans. A travesty that is a nightmare for millions of Americans will finally be over.

A sad commentary for the United States today. We have allowed ourselves to be swayed into accepting the way things are and not the way our founding fathers envisioned for America. It is time we educate ourselves that a progressive agenda that works for everyone is necessary for the stability, and security of not only the United States but for every other country around the world. An agenda that only National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles Of Confederation can do for the United States.