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Nigerian People: Arise and Revolt

I will start by addressing us on a platform that we are products of mental conditioning. According to Sam Adeyemi, 2006, he said “We may have underestimated the impact of our being colonized in this part of the world but slavery and colonization deal a devastating blow on the mind. When people are put through slavery like Israel was in Egypt, or people are colonized; it destroys their self esteem, gives birth to victim mentality and breeds an attitude of irresponsibility”. He went further by saying Slavery and colonization birth POVERTY MENTALITY. Slavery also breeds living irresponsibly. It gives way to blaming someone else for your failure. Even, about fifty six years post – evacuation from our land, we still cast the blame for our under-development on our colonialists (Britain). Although, the effects of their colonization may still be there, but what of what we have done and are doing to ourselves? Are they the one looting our government treasuries, rigging elections, giving unfair judgment, promoting injustice and ill – treating the masses, just to mention but a few.

Nigeria isn’t productive. We are conditioned to getting aid which is a poor strategy for acquiring wealth. Even, Apostle Paul confirmed it by quoting our Lord Jesus in Acts 20:35, when he said “… it is more blessed to give than to receive”. You can never see anyone who gets out of poverty when ‘receiving’ is the order of the day. Likewise, Nigeria’s dependence on aids incapacitates her. Show me a man who is productive and engages not his MENTAL MUSCLE. Your father’s belongings are not yours. Strive to get yours. You can only tap in the resources to pave way for your own greatness. Ability to work and management of resources will sustain our lifestyle of freedom. Nigerians are slaves because of our thinking. Nigerians rely on government to do all things for them such as giving them jobs, building houses for them etc. “You have been empowered to dream and fulfill your dreams. If things do not work out, it is not the government, it is you”.

Majority of those in positions of authority in our country today grew up during the colonial era. They think everybody has to go to the seat of power to find sustenance just like they did during the colonial era. Developed countries like United States of America etc did not drop from heaven, they are created right here on planet earth. We can also build a developed Nigeria through FAITH, SWEAT and BLOOD. The prosperity of the citizens resulted into the prosperity of the nations. A rich nation is blessed and rich because her citizens are blessed and rich.

One of the products of poverty and slavery mentality is CORRUPTION. The mentality that we do not acquire and own anything. We steal government and public properties like vehicles, motorcycles, tricycles, chairs, staplers, chalks, pins, generating sets to the extent of stealing money. Students steal, Teachers do the same. The Executive arm of government steal, legislature do the same, likewise judiciary. Civil workers steal, public servants do the same. We destroy the roads, all because they are not our properties but the government. Nigerians celebrate corruption and looters are being compensated with titles (social, religious etc). “What we have had in Africa (and I dare say Nigeria) are people with slavery mentality leading people with slavery mentality”. Leaders with slavery mentality cannot lead free people, so they do everything possible to keep their subjects in a state of slavery. “Our leaders with slavery mentality knew that the greatest threat to their control is knowledge. Their keynote strategy is to keep these people who are free but who still think they are slaves ignorant of the truth”. They know, according to John 8:32 that “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. That’s the reason behind their destruction of our educational system. They have no passion for education because if you are not informed, you will be deformed and an informed man cannot be kept in bondage. Governments are controlling the press. In developed countries, government can’t control not to talk of owning a media house. The ‘being’ in government who still has a slavery mentality cannot lead Nigeria to freedom and prosperity. It does not matter the designation or portfolios we call him, President, Governor, Senator, Member of the House of Representatives, Commissioner, Chairmen, Councilor or King. NO MORE OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCH PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT ANY LONGER. There are people who are in the position and are ready to say the truth but they are being manipulated for this SLAVES-LEADING evil plots. They get contracts and guaranteed for maximum comfort.

Nigeria is ready to live a life of impact. “The order is changing. There are truly free people right now who have been set free from the limitations imposed on their thinking by the environment. They grew up in Africa but they are not Africans in their thinking. They are citizens of the kingdom of God and ambassadors of God on planet earth. They grew up in an environment of poverty but they have been delivered from the spirit of poverty, and much more than that, they are now free from poverty mentality. Instead of Poverty consciousness, they have prosperity consciousness” (Pastor Sam Adeyemi).

Nigerians, Arise and go for the truth; go for information. Our freedom does not come from the government because God has delivered it to us. Punishment, hopelessness, poverty, slavery and other forms of sin had been taken away at the place of skull (Golgotha), on the cross of Calvary by our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, all we need to do is to arise, claim and live in it. Be careful about who is teaching you, a fellow slave cannot teach another slave to freedom, only a free man does. God has set us free to live a free life. So, take your stand.

Our country is under a spell because we are free and still behaves like someone who is in bondage. Therefore, Nigeria is under a spell. Our spell is POVERTY THINKING. The colonialists had evacuated this land fifty six years ago; they are no longer the reason for our poverty. The reason for our being poor is still POVERTY THINKING. Nigeria needs another revolution. Thanking God for the revolutionaries that God had used to fight for our independence, they fought for INDEPENDENCE but not FREEDOM. We need another REVOLUTION. Our revolution is neither like that of French Revolution of 1789 nor that of America. Our revolution can’t be fought with guns, arrows, spears, nuclear energy and other physical powers. “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God to pull down strongholds… ” All we need are new generation of leaders and new set of visionaries. We need a MENTAL FIGHT. A fight of KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and REVELATION. One of the sophisticated weapons to use is our MENTAL CREATIVE THINKING. We need a REVOLUTION. “For since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of the Lord suffered violence and the violent take it by force”. We need revolution by violence and the violence is not physical but mental and spiritual. LET’S CALL THE BLACK KETTLE, BLACK and CALL A THIEF, A THIEF, no matter who he might be PRESIDENT, GOVERNOR or ANY OFFICE HOLDER. THE DAYS OF SLAVERY AND POVERTY ARE OVER! WE ARE GOING TO LIVE IN A NEW NIGERIA.