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5 Needed Priorities For Today’s Public Leaders!

We used – to believe, apathy, was one of the main obstacles, to electing the finest public leaders! This nation, which, often, proudly, stated, it was the beacon, in the world, in terms of our democratic principles, and freedoms/ liberties, especially, the right – to – vote, in fair elections, in recent – times, has seen itself, diminished, in these ways, because, of the doubts, rhetoric, claims, and conspiracy theories, articulated, by certain politicians, etc! For this, and many other reasons, it seems, very little, of – consequence, happens, in Congress, etc, because. apparent priorities, needs, etc, continue, being, either, ignored, or harmed by the procrastination, from political leaders. Today, we face, many significant issues, and challenges, which, need to be addressed, sooner, rather than later, if we hope, to create a sustainable world, to hand – over, to future generations! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 needed priorities/ issues, which must be addressed, in an urgent, thorough way.

1. Climate Change/ Carbon levels: Denying, climate change, doesn’t make it go away! For decades, our political leaders, although, perhaps, not, in an urgent – enough, manner, accepted it, but, our last President, apparently, did not, or, it didn’t align with his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! When, the Paris Accords, and its focus, is, nearly, universally, accepted, around the world, Former – President Trump, sought to take us out of it! Utility companies, auto manufacturers, plane manufacturers and airlines, etc, have, realized, there is a need, and self – imposed, significant goals, towards, lowering carbon levels, and slowing the onset of Climate Change!

2. Environment: Isn’t it the responsibility of this generation, to pass, to the next – one, an environment, and planet, with clean air and water? We can’t continue to ignore, and/ or, deny, environmental risks, and dangers!

3. Rights; freedoms; justice: How can we brag – about, our Constitution, and Constitutional guarantees, when, so many, only, selectively, seek to protect our rights, freedoms, and justice? Some feel, it is okay, to demand, unlimited, so – called, 2nd Amendment Rights, while, minimizing, many of the others, which they aren’t, personally, concerned – with! We need to make all our rights, freedoms, and justice, treat, all of us, fairly, and equally!

4. Unify: This nation is, probably, as divided, as – ever, at least, in the last 150 years! All of us, would benefit, if our elected officials, sought to unify, rather than divide! No country can afford, to proceed, for any prolonged period, with this high level of polarization!

5. Economic/ employment: We benefit, when the public exhibits, a higher degree of faith/ confidence, in our economy, and economic conditions! America needs, a reliable approach, to improving employment, in terms, not only related to joblessness, etc, but, also, the quality, and fulfillment (personally, and financially, of our citizens!

Wake up, America, and demand, these 5 priorities, begin, being addressed, sooner, rather than later! Forget their rhetoric, but make elected officials, provide quality plans, approaches, strategies, and meaningful action planning!