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The 2nd Amendment: What It Doesn’t Say, Mean, And The Reasoning?: 5 Keys

Every time, we hear about, another, horrific shooting, which seem, these days, to occur, at a greater frequency, than, ever – before, in recent memory, some people articulate so – called, 2nd Amendment Rights! Some claim it gives them, the right to bear arms, even claiming, it provides, nearly – unlimited, so – called, gun rights. In fact, the gun industry, is, one of the largest, and most powerful, political lobbyists, and, it often, seems, many public officials, have sold – their – souls, when it comes to making, any, common sense, alterations/ adjustments, to make the process, safer, etc! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 key areas, involved, in terms of, what this, actually, says/ states, means, and the associated – reasoning.

1. Right to bear arms: It often, seems, like some, demand protections, based, on the provision, which refers to, a right to bear arms, without, looking at the entire amendment, and/ or, its circumstances, etc! Many objective observers, believe, the intent of this, was, to protect this nation, and its citizens, against the threats, related to foreign interferences, because, when this nation, was founded, our nation, predominantly, ran, along, what we now consider, the east coast (actually, predominantly, the northeast, and Middle Atlantic States), and the fear was, being invaded by a foreign, invading nation, and this provision, would permit, a state to form a State Militia, which required, armed – volunteers! The rifles of those days, took, approximately, (nearly) 2 minutes, to reload, as opposed to the automatic, and semi – automatic weapons, of – today, where many rounds, can be fired, in a second, etc. It doesn’t make sense, to believe, our Founding Fathers, envisioned, modern guns, etc!

2. Is it unlimited?: Former, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Burger, stated, guns should be regulated, restricted, etc, like we license drivers, and register our automobiles! Even, if you believe, you need a gun, for personal protection, and/ or, hunting purposes, it doesn’t justify, owning, an assault weapon!

3. Gun rights, versus, safety and public good: Wouldn’t it, make sense, to create, sane gun safety controls, in order to balance, so – called, gun rights, with the overall public safety, and common good? Shouldn’t someone have to comply, with certain, common sense, legal guidelines, in order to own, and use, a potentially, lethal weapon?

4. Attack rifles: I have never heard, any compelling, fact – based, justification, for individuals, to possess, own, and legally, use, attack rifles, etc! Have you?

5. Mental, physical, needs, proficiency: Shouldn’t one, have to demonstrate, a certain degree of mental proficiency, etc, before being allowed to carry a lethal weapon, etc? In addition, proper use, requires a degree of physical proficiency, etc, to ensure, greater safety, etc! One should have to, provide, acceptable reasons, for his need, to own a gun! Doesn’t that make sense?

Wake up, America, and begin, to demand, the safety of the public, based on the greater good (and common sense), takes priority – over, so – called, gun rights! Do you hope, these gun tragedies, become reduced?