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Voting: Addressing Conspiracies, Versus, Guaranteeing RIghts?: 5 Considerations

Although, one has the right, to support, follow, and vote for, the candidate, he desires, he doesn’t have the right, to declare, the results of any election, to be invalid, simply, because, his favorite, didn’t win! In my life, I have, certainly, seen the person, I voted for, lose, on many occasions, and, while, I was, often, disappointed, and believed, voters made the wrong choice, I realized, and acknowledged, the results! Certainly, it is possible, for some mistakes to be made, during the voting process, and counting ballots, and, every candidate is entitled, to demand a recount, especially, in a close election. Our laws have built – in, ways, to address these potential, possibilities. However, once, these have been exhausted, and both, recounts, as well as legal challenges, do not, change the results, we need to go on! Excessively, using, unfounded, Conspiracy Theories, and stating, they are the facts (with no evidence), is, both, wrong, and dangerous, to the perceptions, of Americans, of a fair, voting system! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 significant considerations.

1. False claims: I have never, seen, so many, make false claims, about the results of an election, as, in the after – math, of the 2020 Presidential elections! Regardless of one’s political preference, everyone, should, agree, the events, which occurred at the U.S, Capitol on January 6th, presented a clear, and present danger, to the American system of government, etc! Making any claim, without evidence, and refusing to accept, multiple re – calculations, which, demonstrate, your claims, lack credibility, negatively, impacts, our nation!

2. Continuing the Big Lie: Whether, you support, or oppose, Donald Trump, accepting, the Big Lie, which states, the election was stolen, away, from him, despite, losing the popular vote, by over 7 million votes, as well as, the Electoral College, by a significant amount, doing so, harms the possibility of free, and fair elections!

3. Voter Registration: If you feel, restricting voting, helps your cause, you oppose, the basic concept, of the Right to Vote! Since, the 2020 elections, and Trump’s supporters, disliking the results, we have observed, many states, enact, or seek to, enact laws, which make voting more difficult! Since, it seems, these efforts, are focused on, restricting/ limiting the ability to vote, by groups, most likely, to support their political opponents, doesn’t it seem, to be an effort, to reduce, a desirable, Constitutional guarantees/ right?

4. Equal access to polling sites, etc: Those states, which have reduced, the number of polling sites, and, significantly, reduced, convenient access, in certain, minority areas, doesn’t it seem, to be a directed, political move, rather than, a logical one, to protect the integrity of the process?

5. One – sided, or fair, to – all?: Unless/ until, any changes, prioritized, being, fair – to – all, rather than, one – sided, it seems, contrary, to the American Way!

Wake up, America, and demand, these attempts, are thwarted, before they become, the Law of the Land! Don’t blame others, if you don’t stand – up, for what’s right!