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So, let’s be honest with one another. To stay on the narrow road is not easy in today’s world. Well, there are those fortunate ones for whom it seems to come easy, but for most of us it’s a constant battle.

The devil knows exactly what our weak points are. He keeps hammering at that exact point with a small hammer, hoping to break down the wall one time or another. And often these are not those so-called “on the wrong side of the fence” matters.

No, it can be things like just work harder. Spend more time realising your dreams. Just work a little bit harder for the next bonus. And without realising it, we drift away from God, because so many other things in our lives become more important than Him.

It’s also true that some things creep softly into your life. Without you realising it, they grow into an addiction over the years and suddenly you have a problem.

I want to say again, it’s not easy to walk in the middle of the road. We get angry quickly and say and do things that aren’t right. Our business is under pressure and then we’re forced to do things that aren’t right.

Sometimes our marriages and relationships go through hard times and then we look for solutions in the wrong places, ending up with a big mess. There are probably thousands of examples of things that do not form part of the world of light and that we face every day.

What do you struggle with?

It’s not that easy.

We must realise that it’s hard, that it drains your energy, and, yes, sometimes that it’s a major struggle to stay on the straight and narrow. 11So let’s keep at it and eventually arrive at the place of rest, not drop out through some sort of disobedience. We must strive, try our utmost, do everything possible, work our fingers to the bone, to ensure that we don’t miss our goal.

It’s a full-time job. The world is like a magnet trying to pull you away from and off God’s way. We must know that. We must be prepared for that. We must take it into consideration. We must be armed against it. And when the temptations cross our path, we must root it out of our lives completely.

Yes, we all know and believe whole-heartedly that Jesus has already prepared our place in heaven and that we don’t have to do anything to walk into heaven. Jesus has already done that for us on the cross.

However, we need to be on our guard against being blinded by the world and taking the wrong turns. It’s a fight between life and death. A constant battle. May God’s Spirit help us in this battle, because we’re simply too weak to do it on our own.


Hebrews 4:8-11


What do you struggle with?

What can you do to win the fight?

How can the Holy Spirit help you?


Father, I must confess that I often struggle not to make the wrong choices. I struggle with this regularly. Please help me. In Jesus’ Name, amen.