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Enjoy Your Rest

When I was working on the farm, I struggled to get up in the morning. I wanted to spend time with the Lord, but eish, it was so good to snuggle in bed.

One morning when I got up, I had an idea. Ask God to wake you up. I did it but forgot to specify a time. So now I can be awake any time from 03:00. Then I get up and start my day in the right way.

But recently my internal clock completely lost the plot. I was awake even before 01:00. I can’t stand lying awake, so I get up and start working. When the other people wake up and start getting ready to get up, I’ve already done lunch.

Now I’m seriously losing amps, because I’m not generating enough energy in my short sleep. Tonight by 20:00 my eyelids are drooping, and just after 01:00 I’m wide awake again.

It’s a vicious circle. I do get a lot of work done, but your body needs rest. Solid rest. The experts say you have to sleep seven to nine hours per night. I have to confess I do closer to five…

God has made the human body so that it has to be “charged” regularly. Almost like these new electric cars. When the cars have been driven for a while, it needs to be plugged in so that the batteries can be charged.

But God has also made us for a big rest when our life on earth is done. 8And so this is still a live promise. It wasn’t cancelled at the time of Joshua; otherwise, God wouldn’t keep renewing the appointment for “today.” 9The promise of “arrival” and “rest” is still there for God’s people.

It was a major struggle to liberate the Israelites from the iron fist of the pharaoh. God’s people longed to be free from exile and I’m sure they jumped for joy when they got to the other side of the Red Sea.

But the rest still eluded them, because for 40 years they journeyed through the desert. I suspect it was because they were so stubborn. Most of the people who left Egypt never reached the promised land with its lovely rest, because they died in the desert.

But for those who entered the promised land, it was an exceptional time of peace and rest. All was going well for God’s people. Kind of like the cherry on the cake.

The rest that God promises us, however, is much more than that. Every child of God can look forward to an eternal rest. A time when we no longer need to work ever again. A time when we no longer need to battle against attacks by the devil. A time when we don’t need to do anything to survive. All we have to do is to rest and enjoy it piece by piece.

This is really something to look forward to. And obviously it is now our responsibility to make sure that we don’t miss this bus.


Hebrews 4:8-11


Are you looking forward to that rest?

Are you sure that you will get there one day?

What do you need to do now?


Our Father. I need some of that rest. I am so tired. Please help me to come and rest with You now. In Jesus’ Name, amen.