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God’s Word Is Super Powerful

One will never know how powerful God is. There are not enough words in our vocabulary to describe God’s power fully.

  • How much power did it take to divide the ocean from the land?
  • How much power did it take to plant the earth?
  • How much power did it take to design and create the animals one by one?
  • And a human being. How much must have been involved to make everything work?

Too much for me to understand, because God is simply too much for my mind to comprehend.

Jesus Himself did a few power plays while He was on earth.

  • How much power would it have taken to heal someone?
  • How much power did He use to drive out the evil spirits?
  • How much did it take out of Him to feed thousands of people all at once?
  • And, how much power do you need to conquer the devil?

It is incomprehensible.

And it doesn’t stop here. All that becomes part of God’s family possesses that remarkable power. Just look at what the Holy Spirit can achieve.

In an instant, the Holy Spirit gives people a dictionary for a new language and people speak and understand a language they’ve never heard of before. The working of the Holy Spirit transforms people and they turn around and go in the exact opposite direction, away from what is wrong, straight into God’s arms.

That is powerful. That is supernatural power.

And it goes further. The words of God that we can hear in the Bible are just as powerful. When people read the Word of God, they cannot remain unaffected, because with his Spirit, and through his Word, God works powerfully in people’s hearts.

The sinner sees his sins and repents. People see the works of the Almighty God and leave their bad packages right there to follow Him. The human mind cannot comprehend that kind of powerful.

12For the word of God is alive and powerful (New Living Translation).

And if the Word of God has not power over you? Then I think you will have to look inside. The problem is not with the Bible, but with you. If you cannot hear God speak through his Word, it is not his voice that is quiet, but your ears that are deaf.

Make sure that the noise of the world does not block out the voice of God as He speaks through his Word. God makes Himself known to you through his Word. That is where you get to know Him as well as his will for your life. There is so much power in God’s Word. If you go there to hear and to learn, God’s power through his Word will move you.

You will be transformed…


Hebrews 4:12-16


Do you read God’s Word enough?

Does God’s Word move you?

Do you experience God’s power through his Word?


Father, thank you for speaking to us through your Word. Thank you, Lord, that your Word is still working powerfully today. Please help me to spend more time with your Word, so that I can experience more power through it. In Jesus’ Name, amen.