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Kick Off Your Shoes

It’s rather difficult to focus on the life hereafter while we’re so busy living in this world. It takes so much energy just to make the figures balance at the end of the month. Work takes a lot of effort, and then your family demands your time and much more. And then I hear I have to live my calling too.

We are exhausted and just want some time alone to rest.

When you are juggling all these balls, concentrating on keeping all of them in the air, it’s difficult to focus on life hereafter. But we should actually make it part of our lives, because in a way it’s the prize for completing the race in this life. We who believe in God will one day rest with Him, just like Him.

9The promise of “arrival” and “rest” is still there for God’s people. God himself is at rest. 10And at the end of the journey we’ll surely rest with God.

Wow, this is something to look forward to. It should motivate us to do what we do here on earth in the best possible way. Carpe Diem. Grab the day with both hands and do your utmost. One day we won’t have work to do. Then we’ll be done with all the toil and sweat. Then we can kick off our shoes and never put them on again. Then we’ll never be tired again.

I spin every day, but I must confess I don’t do it because I enjoy it. For me, enjoyment is not synonymous with spinning. Actually, enjoyment and exercise do not belong in the same sentence. But I do it, because I feel good when I’m done. It keeps my weight down and I have more energy throughout the day. These results get me through my exercise session. It motivates me to get on the bike every morning and cycle until the sweat pours down my face.

In the same way, the expectation of resting with God in heaven one day must motivate us to get up every morning and live life to the full. We must look forward to the prize waiting for us. The day we leave this world and take off our shoes for the last time, we’ll step into eternal rest.

Indeed, something to look forward to! Something that can motivate us each day to try again and work harder. Because one day we will rest…

And a footnote: When our loved ones die, we shouldn’t wish for them to come back. We should be grateful that they are already going to their eternal rest. They have left the pain and suffering and hardship of the world behind and can sit back to enjoy their rest.

May we keep a piece of the end of our lives in sight. May it help and encourage us to do our bit and more every day. May it motivate us to make sure that we never ever miss this target.


Hebrews 4:7-11


How much of life hereafter do you keep in sight?

Do you realise that God’s rest is waiting for you?

How can you now make it part of the rest of your life?


Our Father, thank you that we may rest with You one day. Please help me to keep it in sight. Please help me today to do everything and more. In Jesus’ Name, amen.