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Could the Perfect Storm Hurricane Sandy Pants Back Up Other Storms Moving Eastward?

We’ve known ever since the days of Benjamin Franklin that it takes about 3-days for the weather or storms out West to reach areas like Philadelphia and Washington DC in the Eastern part of the US. Today, we track these storms and this weather with pretty decent precision thanks to our computer modeling. We know how the jet stream moves, the seasonal changes, the effect of urban heat islands, El Nino, La Nina, Santa Ana Easterly winds in California, and how the weather changes due to Hurricanes, and northern blasts of frigid air. Okay so, let’s talk shall we.

It was amazing how well they predicted Hurricane Sandy in the final days of October 2012 leading up to the November 2012 elections. The powerful Hurricane some 800-miles wide after passing on a northern route paralleling Florida headed up the coast to meet a rather large, but not so uncommon cold front. What happens when you mix cold air with hot air coming from the engine and power of a Hurricane? Yep, you guessed it “the storm from hell” a super storm, a monster, and a real mess as we all know and as the NOAA, National Hurricane Center, USN, FEMA, Hurricane Hunters, NASA Satellites, and the Weather Channel told us would happen – it did – and Hurricane Sandy wasn’t funny.

This storm still had plenty of energy as it headed West this time to meet that cold front, then it began circulating; snow and ice storms in West Virginia, endless rain from Virginia up into Canada, and as far inland as almost Indianapolis IN. When might it end everyone wondered. No time soon, it’s busy circulating and it has plans to stick around a bit, which is a scary thought and perhaps appropriate too considering it will still be around for Halloween 2012.

Now then, back to my very first comment. When you have weather moving across the country in 3-day increments, you must understand more weather is coming from the West to meet this circulation, meaning storms and weather will start backing up, thus more flooding. Where you wonder – everywhere – the better question might have been where won’t it be raining or bunching up weather?

Further, we could very well get another solar flare compressing our Earth’s atmosphere thus exacerbating whatever has already come forth or whatever comes next. So now, we look west to see what is on its way to either push all this weather out of the way, or combine with it for a continued mess. Please consider all this and don’t vote for Sandy for president, her weather policies have been an economic disaster, not to mention a clean-up nightmare.