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Do’s and Don’ts During Flood Disasters

In some parts of the world like the Philippines, floods are recurring especially during a hurricane or heavy rain occurs. The health of the many is compromised because of the bad weather condition, as well as the flood that is happening but sometimes, health is on the back of their heads. One has to be extremely careful during calamities like floods to ensure their safety and health as well. Here are some health do’s and don’ts and other survival tactics that you should remember whenever there is a flood.

Don’t – Attempt to drink water that is kept in open containers like pails and glasses, especially those on the floor. These may be contaminated as well and drinking it will only give you diarrhea, poisoning and other illnesses worse than those mentioned. If you do feel thirsty, drink from a clean source of water like a purifier or water dispenser. As much as possible, you should not drink water from faucets whenever there is a flood.

Do – Wear boots if your house is flooded. Flood water can harbor harmful microorganisms from garbage bins and drainage systems. It may be infected with animal droppings, rotten food and dead pests like rats and you do not want this touching your skin. If you have any open wounds on your feet or legs, these harmful bacteria may enter your body which will endanger your health.

Don’t – Attempt to swim in flood water. As mentioned, flood water contains so many harmful microorganisms that will enter your body. This time, it will not only enter through open wounds, but through your mouth and nose as well, causing you to take big gulps of contaminated water. It is better if you use a life raft or any safety survival gear to ride on or use instead of exposing your body.

Do – Wear clothes to keep you warm and dry. The last thing you would want during the flood is hypothermia and you can avoid this by wearing clothes made of thicker material. As much as possible, wear one that is waterproof as well because being wet can only add up to the chill you are currently feeling.

If there is a flood in your area or in your city, make sure that you prioritize not only your safety, but your health as well. Exercise those survival skills of yours to make sure that you do not further endanger yourself and others as well.