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Evaporation Strategies – Targeted Rain Storms to Deliver Inland Water in the Middle East

Over the years, I’ve read as many research papers as possible on the topic of evaporation. It appears to me that the droplet size on ocean wavelets has a lot to do with how much water is taken up by the clouds. When the wavelet droplets are just the proper size due to the heat of the water surface temperature, humidity in the atmosphere, and air pressure huge amounts of water are sucked up into the clouds.

Did you know that when the water evaporates at such a brisk pace it actually blocks the trade winds? Did you know that’s what allows hurricanes to grow, because the trade winds aren’t there to knock them down, or prevent the eye wall from forming? Did you know that we use frequency to control the droplet size of the paint when painting surfaces, or when applying coatings when they have to be perfect?

Did you know there are some scientists right now working on ways to use micro water droplets in computer processing schemes? You see, the different sizes can signify ones or zeros? If we can control the water droplet size, we can control the evaporation. If we can do this using frequency, we can also use that frequency once the cloud has formed to keep it intact. Now then, may I suggest that we could actually steer a cloud using multiple high-tech dirigibles (made by Lockheed, Northrup, or Boeing) flying in formation to guide the cloud to an approved upon destination.

Well, let’s say I gave you this technology, I explained how it worked, and that we could deliver water anywhere in the world we wanted to, what would that be worth to you? What if we could take arid regions of the world and turn them into abundantly productive agricultural areas? Yes, I’m talking about feeding the world, but why would I stop there, why wouldn’t I use some of that water to create an oasis, a mega city with lots of water?

Why wouldn’t I build soccer fields, golf courses, water features, swimming pools, and water parks? Okay so, are you ready to start talking about mankind’s future? Humans are quite good at controlling their environment, but I’d say they’re just getting started, and I would submit to you that it is time to take the human race to the next step.

It’s time to stop complaining, and start doing something about the problem. I’m not sure if humans are ready for all this yet, but since the brilliant minds and creative geniuses of this planet know how to get this done, maybe it’s time we give it a try? What say you?

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