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Getting Ready For A Snow Storm

During the winter season, snow storms or winter storms are common in areas like Detroit, Vancouver, Toronto and other places where it typically snows. Some people are caught unaware of these snow storms and in the end, they encounter problems like not having enough food, being too cold and the like. Below are some disaster preparation tips that you can use when preparing for a snow storm.

Since you will be dealing with cold, white snow, make sure you have some items that will keep you warm during the snow storm. Have some thick sweaters, jackets and sweatpants on the ready to keep your body warm. Don’t forget to have some gloves, mufflers, thick socks and boots or rubber shoes on the ready as well. It is important for you to wear thick clothes, even layers of it, to maintain your body’s normal temperature or else you will suffer from hypothermia. If you have a fireplace at home, stock up on some wood so that during the night or even during the day, you can keep your home toasty and warm.

As part of your disaster supplies, you also have to keep a battery operated water heater so you can heat water for your coffee, milk or hot chocolate. There are portable stoves that you can use for cooking that are battery operated as well. Also, remember to keep a lot of extra battery packs.

Another helpful tip would be to stock up on food during snow storms. Snow storms cause layers and layers of snow to block your doors and even the roads so the possibility of going out to the malls and groceries, assuming that they are open, are really slim. Apart from food, make sure that you have bottles of water stored, as well as instant coffee and milk that you can prepare for so you can have something warm to drink. Store some canned soups and noodles that you can cook easily and that can keep you warm at the same time.

During most storms, the electricity usually goes off at any given moment. Always keep flashlights, extra battery packs, matches and candles in your disaster gear at all times. If the electricity won’t be returning for a few hours or days, you can have some things that can provide you light during the night. Make sure you have all these prepared and kept in one part of your house, maybe the coat closet or somewhere you can easily get them so that when a snow storm happens, you won’t be rattled anymore.