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Hurricane Sandy – Wall Street Needs Another Bail-Out, Not Money, Bailing Buckets

Before Hurricane Sandy hit the flooding was already intensive. A friend of mine in Atlantic City, NJ sent me pictures of the flooding. The storm waves and rain had already inundated the place with excessive water and the flooding was to continue. There was nowhere for all that water to go. He sent me that picture at 11 AM Pacific Time, but the storm wasn’t supposed to hit until 7 PM that night, with it bringing its peak storm surge. It looks like the New Jersey shore took the brunt of the high ocean water tides. High Tide will arrive 2-hours after 7 PM when the eye hits the coastline, and the Full Moon is only exacerbating the problem.

Meanwhile, in Midtown Manhattan, on 57 and Sixth Street, a crane had collapsed before the storm had hit, the union workers didn’t not appear to properly secure it, but then again the calls for mandatory evacuation occurred during the weekend, and by then the winds had picked up and it was unsafe to go up and take apart the arm or secure it better. More are expected to have problems, as they are not set up for hurricane winds. We all know that these cranes are precarious already and have had problems even under ideal circumstances in the past with their cable support rigging. The crane was working on a 90-story luxury apartment building.

Officials stated that the New York Stock Market would be closed for one more day, and they are expecting a 6-foot above the high-tide mark, this doesn’t bode well for the New York subway, it will get flooded, plus the power will be turned off to protect the system, but it too will be flooded and no one knows how long until it might be to get turned back on. It appears that NYC is going to be powerless, along with FEMA until this massive storm passes, but it’s hard to say when all that rain will stop, after all this storm is 800-1000 miles wide.

Another friend of mine made one of the last planes out of New York, as they had to get their private jet out before the airport closed late last night. There were hardly any aircraft at the airport when they left and they took four more people with them, with the plane full they flew out of dodge. For those who wanted to leave New York City anytime past mid-day on October 29, 2012 were SOL (Crap Out of Luck) everything was closed off. Good luck NYC and Wall Street, of course now it looks like the Wall Street might need another bail-out, this time they have to start bailing all that water. Please consider all this and think on it.