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Weather Clouds As Fractals – How About Mathematic Frequency Molecular Alignment Control?

It’s hard to use supercomputers to predict the weather, and although we’ve spent an incredible amount of money trying to model the weather, and Los Alamos has done some very interesting work with artificial weather grids and wind flow through canyons, we still aren’t there yet. Might I suggest some other strategies for predicting the Weather?

What if we thought of the weather as a chaotic system of fractal design? What if we used some of that mathematical modeling to help us make sense of it all? What if we are really on the wrong track, albeit with the right idea using algorithms attempting to model the flow?

In doing so what if we used various frequencies within the spectrum to molecularly align air molecules to put up barriers to control the weather? The principle is not too far-fetched. We know that when we use frequency to molecularly align air molecules, the air becomes thicker. It creates a barrier of thicker air. This is basically what a hurricane does when it blocks the trade winds of its own accord, as it uses the evaporation process of the water coming off the wavelets to create that wall. Once the hurricane is able to block the trade winds it can go on and do its business.

We could very easily manipulate the frequency and change the size of the droplets of water molecules to prevent those barriers from forming, allowing the trade winds to take that moisture where it might. Therefore it might take those weather patterns and that moisture inland to provide rain in drought stricken areas. Preventing hurricanes also will help with preventing natural disaster damage on a huge scale. If we could block one storm and let another pass, then release that pressure, we could in fact control the weather by opening up gates.

Consider if you will how logic gates work, or how ones and zeros – are on and off – to help transfer information by computers. What I’m asking is; why not use frequency control, after we figure out the new mathematical fractal models for cloud formations, and whether flows – to thicken the air, and get it to flow where we wish it to flow as if we were diverting water in irrigation canals. Although this is theoretically possible, it may seem way out it left-field, but that’s only because we haven’t done it before, and it may not seem feasible, but I assure you it is.

Now then, I suppose the question might be whether or not we can trust mankind not to screw the weather up and make things worse. After all, the Earth has whether flow patterns and cycles which are at least somewhat predictable now, but all we are asking is; can we solve some of our problems in advance by making slight modifications where it serves us best. If we figure out better mathematics for supercomputer weather monitoring and modeling all this will be possible in the future. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.